What is an Affiliate?

An affiliate is a CrossFit box or gym that has been officially affiliated with the CrossFit brand. To become a CrossFit affiliate, gyms must comply to certain rules and must have CrossFit certified trainers on staff.

  • Being an affiliate enables legal use of CrossFit branding and participation in CrossFit branded events.
  • An affiliate is an independent entity, it is not a franchise.
  • Has an annual fee of $3000.
  • Provides access to a large network of resources for developing the local box.
  • Affiliates can enter into all CrossFit competitions, they can host CrossFit events, trainings and seminars.

Understanding Affiliation

What is included in being a CrossFit Affiliate?

  • Legal use of the CrossFit name, logo, and promotional materials
  • An affiliated gym can participate in CrossFit events such as the Open.
  • Promotion from via the Affiliate Finder Map and Affiliate List.
  • Support from CrossFit, LLC on specific and general issues. CrossFit vigorously protects its brand and those licensed to use the CrossFit name


The first stage in becoming affiliated is to fill out an application form and write an essay. The essay includes information about the owner’s experience and background and why they want to become a CrossFit affiliate. It is also important for all applicants to educate themselves on CrossFit and to become a part of the larger community in order to become an affiliate.

There are certain requirements from CrossFit HQ:

  • CrossFit Training Certificate
    Applicants must have a minimum level CrossFit 1 Certificate before applying.
  • Proof of Insurance
    US affiliates must be able to show proof of insurance.
  • Fee
    There is an annual cost of $3,000 annually.
  • Naming
    Part of the application process involves three suggested affiliate names. The first available name will be approved. There are certain requirements for the name: No continents, countries, provinces, regions, states, counties, large cities, religious references, movie names, celebrity names, personal names, trademarked names, government agencies, or names that are already taken. All proposed names must have the word “CrossFit” in it.
  • Branding
    CrossFit branding is very specific and requires that all affiliates only use their official licensed name and no variation. Additionally, the “F” in CrossFit is always capitalized.

Reasons to Affiliate

  1. Community. As a CrossFit affiliate, boxes are instantly linked to a network of people around the globe.
  2. Authenticity. Being an affiliate means the ability to work with CrossFit HQ. An affiliate’s athletes can compete in all competitions, and they can even host trainings and seminars.
  3. A Network of Coaches. By affiliating, box owners can benefit from a huge pool of highly skilled coaches, they can also contribute to it!
  4. Resources. CrossFit provides huge amounts of content on a consistent basis. There are chances to develop coaches, to go further into the texts and videos of the CrossFit journal, and take part in the larger conversation.
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