What is a Chipper?

Chipper refers to a workout that combines a variety of exercises into a long round that is only completed once. Typically, the repetitions are at a higher volume, and the athlete must complete all the reps of the first exercise before moving to the second, and so on; the athlete cannot skip around.

The score for the WOD is the total time it takes to complete all the exercises and repetitions.

  • A Chipper is a WOD that involves one round of several exercises at higher repetitions.
  • A Chipper workout is scored as Total Time to complete the one round.
  • During a Chipper, an athlete should keep a good pace and avoid muscle-failure.
  • Chipper workouts help develop mental toughness.
  • Coaches often include a time cap with Chippers.

Understanding Chippers

The term Chipper came about to describe these workouts because athletes must “chip away” at the reps until completed. The best strategy when performing these is to keep a good pace, one that can be sustained for a long time, and to avoid the point of muscle- failure on any one exercise.

For many athletes, the goal is simply to finish the workout. Chipper workouts are great for developing mental toughness and stamina as well.

Usually, a Head Coach will also program a time cap for the Chipper, which is the maximum amount of time members are allowed to complete the workout – often somewhere between 20-40 minutes depending on the workout.

Time caps help keep members safe with scaling as well as help ensure group CrossFit classes end on time.

Popular Chipper Workout

 The Filthy Fifty*
 50 Box Jumps
 50 Jumping Pull-ups
 50 Kettlebell swings
 50 Walking Lunges
 50 K2E
 50 Push Presses 45#
 50 Back Extensions
 50 Wall Balls, 20#
 50 Burpees
 50 Double Unders 

*Fun note – the filthy fifty is the first CrossFit workout I ever came across – one of my personal training clients sent it to me from before CrossFit was big. I loved it and was hooked on CrossFit ever since!

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