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Amanda Chismar

Amanda Chismar is a seasoned wellness and fitness professional with over 14 years of diverse career experience in both the public and private sector. Amanda earned her degree in Kinesiology from the Pennsylvania State University and has held numerous certifications including NSCA CPT, NASM CES, CrossFit Level 2 Trainer, USAW Sports Performance Coach, YogaFit Instructor, Johnny G Spinning Cycle Instructor. Additionally, Amanda was co-owner and coach of a CrossFit facility for five years, has completed five marathons for charity and competed in Olympic Weightlifting.


What is a Chipper? Chipper refers to a workout that combines a variety of exercises into a long round that is only completed once. Typically, the repetitions are at a…

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What is RFT? RFT is an abbreviation for Rounds For Time and is a common style of WOD found in CrossFit programming. It can be found in the title/heading of…

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What is EMOM? EMOM is an abbreviation for Every Minute On the Minute and is a common type of workout found in CrossFit WODs. It is included in the title/heading…

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What does Rx mean? Originally, Rx meant ‘prescription’. CrossFit borrowed that meaning and began using the term Rx to notate when a workout was “as prescribed” rather than modified or…

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What is AMRAP? AMRAP is an abbreviation for As Many Repetitions/Rounds As Possible and is a common style of workout found in CrossFit programming. It will be included in the…

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What is a Kip (or Kipping)? A Kip is a powerful hip and core movement that generates momentum. It is most famous in the Kipping pull-up, but can also be…

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What is a Box? A box refers to a brick-and-mortar CrossFit facility where athletes go to perform workouts. It is a term the CrossFit community made popular years ago to…

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What is a WOD? WOD stands for Workout Of the Day and is a popular acronym among the CrossFit community. It is the workout that the head coach has designed…

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