1 Rep Max Bench Press Calculator

This calculator determines the maximum weight that you can bench press for 1 full rep. Our 1 RM bench press calculator uses 2 main inputs:

  • A weight you can successfully lift
  • The number of reps you are able to perform with the above weight

How to use the 1 RM Bench Press Calculator

The calculator a bench press weight that you have successfully benched in the and the number of reps you performed and applies it through a special formula that then determines your approximate 1 RM bench press.

  1. Enter a successfully lifted bench press weight in either imperial (lbs) or metric (kg)
  2. Enter the maximum number of reps you were able to perform

As an example, if you can bench 180 pounds for 5 reps, then enter:

  • Weight lifted: 180
  • Number of reps: 5

This would give you an answer of 210 lbs!

Please bear in mind that this bench press calculator only gives an approximation. It’s relatively accurate for rep counts of up to 30 but anything after that, the calculation becomes less reliable.

Give it a try and post your calculated numbers in the comments below and let us know how accurate (or inaccurate) it was!

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