The Ultimate 4-Week CrossFit Program (with PDF)

We’re proud to announce our ultimate 4-week CrossFit Workout Plan that is designed to improve your cardiorespiratory capacity, stamina, endurance, and strength.

This program is for all fitness levels and abilities. Whether you’re CrossFit-curious and thinking about joining or just want to get better at CrossFit in general, this workout plan is for you!

We also offer the program in a downloadable and printable PDF format so that you can take it with you wherever you go.

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4-Week CrossFit Program In a Nutshell

Program styleCrossFit
Program duration4 weeks
WOD duration1 hour
Scheduling5 days on, 2 days off
GoalIncrease strength and conditioning
LevelBeginner to advanced
Equipment neededBarbell, bumper plates, pull up bar, kettlebells, dumbbells, rower, bike erg, ski erg, gymnastics rings, plyometrics box, medicine ball, ab mat, climbing rope, skipping rope, resistance bands, foam roller

Will This Program Help Me Build Muscle?

This CrossFit Workout Plan can definitely help you build muscle mass. Look at these buff dudes below.

Crossfit bodies

The guy in the middle is Rich Froning, arguably the greatest CrossFitter to ever live, won the CrossFit Games 4 times in a row. The guy on the left, Matt Chan and the tank on the right, Jason Khalipa are also both seasoned CrossFit athletes.

Now, we’re not saying you’re going to end up looking like these dudes after 4 weeks, but you’d be developing the foundational skills and strength to be able to, just by doing this program!

CrossFit incorporates a plethora of traditional and Olympic weightlifting methodologies as part of its training as well as plenty of bodyweight and calisthenics type exercises that all lead to muscle gains and lean bulk.

Although this program is only for 4 weeks, you will notice a difference in your body composition by the end of it. However, keep in mind that this workout plan has been designed as a stepping stone for you to take up CrossFit beyond this program so that you to take your muscle gains to the next level!

Workout Plan Structure

When devising this 4 week program, we found it imperative that we preserve the fundamental trait that makes the discipline of CrossFit so unique: constantly varied functional movements done at high intensity. At the same time we also wanted to make sure that the workouts we program all satisfy the following criteria:

  • Promotes new skill development
  • Combines multiple exercise modalities
  • Includes technical movements, and
  • Activates all 3 metabolic pathways

So we went back to the roots of CrossFit and obtained inspiration from the original CrossFit programming template. This template not only embraces the criteria we listed above but also breaks down all CrossFit movements and groups them into 1 of 3 modalities:

  1. Gymnastics (G)
  2. Metabolic conditioning (M)
  3. Weightlifting (W)

In the CrossFit program we designed, we will be referring to these modalities as G, M, and W, respectively. Each modality on their own improves one’s fitness capabilities in different ways. But as a combination, they form a potent mix that will help increase agility, bodyweight control, coordination, cardio capacity, and strength and power.

Movements Used in the Program

Below are the list of movements you will be performing as part of this 4 week program categorised into their respective modalities:

GymnasticsMetabolic ConditioningWeightlifting
Air Squats
Handstand Push-ups
Rope Climbs
Box Jumps
Toes to bar
Double Unders
Wall Balls
Back Squats
Front Squats
Overhead Squats
Clean and Jerks
Medicine Ball Drills
Kettlebell Swings
Deadlift High-pulls
Man makers
Exercises by Modalities

Program Scheduling

The scheduling used in this program will go by a 5 day on, 2 day rest pattern, for a 7 day week. That means you’ll be training for 5 days in a row and then resting for 2 days.

5 days straight of training is gruelling to say the least, so a couple of rest days were added to break up the WODs and allow some time for rest and recovery.

The WOD formulated for each workout day will include movements from 1, 2, or 3 modalities and will be run in various formats that include: Tabata, EMOM, RFT, and AMRAP, just to name a few.

The entire program will run for 4 weeks and the modalities involved in each day is as follows:

G = gymnastics, M = cardio, W = weighlifting

We believe that this workout structure and varied combination of modalities will allow for maximum intensity without overtraining the body as well as provide a perfect blend of skill, strength, and conditioning.

The daily workout will consist of the following elements in chronological order:

  1. Warm up. Gets the blood pumping and stimulates the muscles in anticipation for the grilling it’s about to receive! We provide specific warm up exercises tailored for the movements to be performed on the day.
  2. Mobility. Prepares the muscles that are going to be utilised for the movements to be performed in the workouts so that range of motion is maximised and risk of injury is minimised.
  3. Strength/skills. Focuses on exercises that will help complement the upcoming WOD.
  4. WOD. The main workout that implements the scheduled modalities for that day. This will be intense but the previous phases would have prepared you well to allow you to perform at your best.
  5. Cool down. Helps take your heart rate back down to normal and usually involves stretching.

All of these elements work together to facilitate and complement the targeted modalities for that day.

Can I Scale the WODs in this Program?

Yes of course! Not everyone will be at the same level of abilities and we would prefer that you did not miss any of the workout days if possible.

That’s why we encourage you to scale the workouts if needed to take full advantage of the program’s benefits.

The 4-Week CrossFit Program

Week 1

Day 1 (W)
WarmupRun 400m
MobilityBanded kneeling lat stretch
Skill/strengthBarbell upright rows
5 x 8 reps
(build up in weight if capable)
WODEMOM 10 mins
1 Rope climb
(95 / 65)
CooldownFloor lat stretch
EquipmentResistance band, barbell, bumper plates
Day 2 (M,G)
WarmupBike 20 cals
MobilityRoll out quads with foam roller
Skill/strengthDumbbell lunges
5 x 5 reps
(build up in weight if capable)
8 Wall balls
(20 / 14)
12 Overhead plate lunges (95 / 65)
CooldownCouch stretch
EquipmentBike, dumbbells, wall ball, bumper plates, foam roller
Day 3 (W,M,G)
WarmupRow 20 cals
MobilityStanding hamstring stretch
5 x 5 reps
(build up in weight if capable)
WOD5 Rounds for time
5 Deadlifts
(135# / 95#)
10 Burpees
15 Box jumps (24″ / 20″)
CooldownHurdle stretch
EquipmentRower, barbell, plyobox, bumper plates
Day 4 (W,M)
WarmupSki 20 cals
50 single skips
Mobility20 shoulder dislocates
Barbell front rack stretch
Skill/strengthFront Squat
5 x 5 reps
(build up in weight if capable)
WOD5 Rounds
5 Front Squats
(110# / 75#)
200m sprint
Rest 1 min
CooldownCouch stretch
EquipmentSki erg, skipping rope, broomstick, barbell, bumper plates
Day 5 (G)
WarmupRun 200m
Row 200m
MobilityBanded overhead lat stretch
Skill/strengthStrict pull ups
5 x 5 reps
(scale with bands if necessary)
WOD3 Rounds
Max effort kipping pull ups

Rest 1 min
CooldownWall lat stretch
EquipmentRower, resistance band, pull up bar
Day 6 (REST)
Day 7 (REST)

Week 2

Day 8 (M)
WarmupRow 200m
MobilitySpiderman with thoracic rotation
Skill/strengthDumbbell bent over row
5 x 8 reps
(build up in weight if capable)
WOD5 Rounds
Max effort 250m row

Rest 2 min
CooldownSlow 400m on bike
EquipmentRower, dumbbells, bike
Day 9 (G,W)
Warmup100 single skips
MobilityRoll out triceps
Skill/strengthRing dips
3 x 8 reps
WOD4 Rounds for time
10 Push ups

10 Deadlifts (95# / 65#)
CooldownSpine lumber twist stretch
EquipmentSkipping rope, rings, barbell, bumper plates
Day 10 (M,G,W)
Warmup50 Air squats
200m run
MobilityRoll out quads
Skill/strengthBack Squat
5 x 8 reps
(build up in weight if capable)
WODFor time
100 KB Sumo high pulls
(44# / 26#)
50 burpees
50 wall balls
CooldownPigeon stretch
Couch Stretch
EquipmentFoam roller, barbell, bumper plates, kettlebell, wall ball
Day 11 (M,G)
WarmupRun 400m
MobilityRoll out calves
Skill/strengthTabata hollow rocks
Double unders

Sit ups
CooldownStanding wall calf stretch
EquipmentSkipping rope, rings, barbell, bumper plates
Day 12 (W)
Warmup20m inch worms
200m row
MobilityRoll out upper back
10 Wall squats
Skill/strengthPush jerk
5 x 5 reps

(build up in weight if capable)
1 Power snatch

2 Overhead squat

7 min EMOM
1 Hang squat snatch

1 Overhead squat

7 min EMOM
1 Full snatch

(110# / 75#)
CooldownPigeon stretch
EquipmentRower, foam roller, barbell, bumper plates
Day 13 (REST)
Day 14 (REST)

Week 3

Day 15 (G)
Warmup50 single skips
MobilityOverhead triceps stretch
Roll out lats
Skill/strengthAccumulate 3 min of
L-sit and hand stand
(may use wall)
Handstand push ups
Ring muscle ups
Toes to bars
CooldownReverse banded lat stretch
EquipmentBroomstick, foam roller, barbell, bumper plates
Day 16 (W,M)
Warmup50m Crab walk
15 Squat thrusts
MobilityRoll out quads
Wall chest stretch
Skill/strengthFront rack lunges
4 x 12 reps
(build up in weight if capable)
WOD3 Rounds for time
10 Bench press
(95# / 65#)
30 Wall balls
CooldownStanding quad stretch
Downward dog hold
EquipmentPull up bar, broomstick, foam roller, barbell, bumper plates, bench, wall ball
Day 17 (G,W,M)
Warmup10 Kip swings
400m run
MobilityRoll out triceps and lats
Chest stretch
20 Shoulder dislocates
Skill/strengthSnatch grip deadlift
5 x 5 reps

(build up in weight if capable)
7 Wall balls
7 KB swings
7 Push ups

Rest 1 min, then into

3 min AMRAP
8 KB Sumo deadlift high pulls (53# / 35#)
4 Pull ups
2 Burpees
CooldownCouch stretch
Reverse banded lat stretch
EquipmentBroomstick, foam roller, wall ball, kettlebell
Day 18 (G,W)
Warmup10 Squat thrusts
10 Scap pull ups
MobilityRoll out lats and quads
Skill/strengthWeighted pull ups
5 x 5 reps

(build up in weight if capable)
WOD12 min ascending ladder AMRAP
3 Power cleans
3 Jumping pull ups

6 Power cleans
6 Jumping pull ups

9 Power cleans
9 Jumping pull ups

CooldownCat stretch
Pigeon stretch
EquipmentBroomstick, dip belt, barbell, bumper plates
Day 19 (M)
Warmup200m ski
200m run
MobilityHurdler hamstring stretch
Roll out calves
Skill/strengthBack rack reverse lunges
5 x 6 reps
(build up weight if capable)
WOD10 Rounds
100m sprint
(max effort)
Rest 30 sec
CooldownPigeon stretch
Couch stretch
Sitting Wide-leg Adductor Stretch
EquipmentSki erg, barbell, bumper plates
Day 20 (REST)
Day 21 (REST)

Week 4

Day 22 (W)
WarmupSki 200m
10 Hindu push ups
MobilityRoll out back lats
Kneeling banded lat stretch
Skill/strengthSnatch balance
5 x 3

(build up weight if capable)
5 KB Push presses (44# / 26#)
10 KB Goblet squats
15 KB Swings
CooldownCouch stretch
EquipmentSki erg, foam roller, barbell, bumper plates, kettlebell
Day 23 (M,G)
WarmupSki 400m
MobilityRoll out quads
Calves stretch
Skill/strengthRing dips
5 x 10 reps

Super set with ring rows
WODFor time
100 Double unders
80 Jumping lunges
60 Box jumps
40 Burpees
20 Pull ups
CooldownKneeling lat stretch
Couch stretch
EquipmentFoam roller, rings, skipping rope, pull up bar
Day 24 (W,M,G)
WarmupRun 400m
10 Burpees
MobilityRoll out lats
20 Shoulder dislocates
Skill/strengthPush press
5 x 8 reps

(build up in weight if capable)
WOD2 Rounds for time
30 Burpee box jumps
30 Pull ups
30 Ring dips
30 Sumo deadlift high pulls (95# / 65#)
CooldownKneeling banded lat stretch
Downward dog hold
EquipmentBroomstick, plyo box, foam roller, pull up bar, rings, barbell, bumper plates
Day 25 (W,M)
Warmup2 Rounds
Row 250m
5 Burpess
MobilityWall angels
Roll out lats
Skill/strengthOverhead complex (5 working sets)
3 Push presses
2 Push jerks
1 Split jerk
WOD2 Rounds for time
20 KB swings (45# / 36#)
10 Front squats (155# / 100#)
15 Burpees

straight into

50 DB power snatches (45# / 35#)*
*5 burpees every 10 snatches
CooldownWall lat stretch
Kneeling Face-down Adductor Stretch
EquipmentRower, foam roller, barbell, bumper plates, kettlebell, dumbbell
Day 26 (G)
Warmup400m run
MobilityBent arm wall stretch
Roll out lats
Skill/strengthRing push ups
4 x max effort


Ring rows
4 x max effort
5 Chest to bar pull ups
10 Ring dips
15 Sit ups
CooldownDownward dog
Upward facing dog
EquipmentRower, foam roller, barbell, bumper plates, kettlebell, dumbbell
Day 27 (REST)
Day 28 (REST)

If you’d prefer this workout in PDF format click on the link below.

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