What is a Box?

A box refers to a brick-and-mortar CrossFit facility where athletes go to perform workouts. It is a term the CrossFit community made popular years ago to call the place where they train/workout. The box could be someone’s garage, a large commercial facility, or anything in between; as long as it is a place members and coaches come together to do CrossFit. Boxes typically do not have as much equipment as a regular fitness facility and have much more open floor space. 

  • A box is a term used inside the Crossfit community to refer to the place where someone trains.
  • The term ‘Box’ and ‘gym’ are interchangeable.
  • There are thousands of CrossFit Boxes around the globe.
  • Key equipment can be found in most boxes such as barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells, a Rig, medicine balls, climbing ropes and row machines.
  • Box’s are individually owned, not franchises of CrossFit HQ.
  • The term Box can also be used to reference the object someone jumps onto during a Box Jump.

Understanding Boxes

The term ‘Box’ and ‘gym’ are interchangeable. For example, one could use either of these sentences: 

I’m a member of the CrossFit box around the corner.” OR “I’m a member of the CrossFit gym around the corner.” 

The meaning is the same. Outside the CrossFit community, it is not common to call a fitness facility a box, and so someone might choose to use the term ‘gym’ rather than box when talking to people who don’t do CrossFit. 

There are thousands of individual CrossFit boxes around the globe. Anyone who has completed the CrossFit Level 1 Trainer course can decide to open a Box and become a CrossFit affiliate. To do so, they would apply through CrossFit HQ and pay the affiliation fee. 

While every box is different, there are some key items found in most boxes: 

  1. A posted WOD
  2. Coaches
  3. Barbells and plates, kettlebells and dumbbells
  4. Rigs
  5. Medicine balls and slam balls
  6. Row Machines and/or stationary bikes
  7. Climbing Ropes
  8. Open floor space for workouts

Choosing a Box

Boxes are locally owned and operated; they are not franchises of CrossFit HQ. Therefore, each one is different. Choosing a box to join is a big decision. An athlete might have anywhere from two to ten boxes to choose from near their home or place of work. In this case, an athlete should consider a few different points before deciding which box is best for them: 

  • Coaches – Do they have expertise, certifications/education, and show care and concern for their members?
  • Community – Is it friendly and approachable, or competitive and driven? 
  • Cleanliness – Is the box kept clean and organized?
  • Class Schedule – Are there enough options to fit a busy schedule? 
  • Cost – Different boxes have different monthly rates and making some less /more affordable than others.

Additional uses of Box

Within the CrossFit community, the term Box is also used to refer to the object one would jump on during the Box Jump exercise. These boxes are typically made out of wood and can rotate in different ways to be a taller or shorter height. These boxes can also be used for Box Squats – where an athlete would squat to sit on a box to help with form or training.

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