Does Tylenol Break A Fast?

Tylenol is a popular brand of medication named acetaminophen, used as a pain and fever reducer. Tylenol is available in caplet, capsule, or liquid forms, and while their effectiveness is the same, they can affect your fast differently. In particular, the liquid forms of Tylenol will cause your fast to break since they typically contain sweeteners. More on that below.

Are There Calories In Tylenol?

Depending on the dosage form of Tylenol, the number of calories per tablet or teaspoon can range from 0 to 5 calories.

The calorie content is lowest in the Extra Strength Tylenol Caplets, which contain zero calories per caplet. There are also chewable tablets which contain a small number of calories as well, usually around 3 cal per tablet.

The other forms of Tylenol contain small amounts of calories from either sugar or alcohol (or both).

Will Tylenol Raise Blood Glucose Or Insulin Levels?

Again, this depends on the particular form of the medication you take. If you take the caplets, these will have no impact on blood sugar or calories as they are devoid of sugar and calories.

Chewable and liquid forms contain added sugar to improve the palatability of the medication, and in turn, raise blood glucose levels.

Subsequently, insulin will raise to remove glucose from the blood and shut down fat usage as well.

Will Tylenol Affect Autophagy?

Autophagy will not be affected with the use of Tylenol caplets, at the normal prescribed dose. However, Tylenol does impair autophagy at high doses (overdose range).

Of course, this is detrimental to health and should be avoided at all costs.

Autophagy is a continuous process that occurs all throughout the day, but at a rate significantly higher while in the fasted state. The introduction of any calories slows down this process.

The calories in the chewable tabs or liquid will diminish the benefits of autophagy.

Can I Use Tylenol on Fasting Days?

Tylenol is considered an essential medication, so if the need arises that you need to use it, or it is prescribed by your physician, do not avoid doing so for the purpose of a fast. Your health and the management of your pain/ fever should always come first.

If you take Tylenol in capsule form, this will not break your fast as there are no calories or sugars in the medication. Extra Strength Tylenol Caplets can also be used safely during a fast.

Chewable tablets and the liquid forms of Tylenol contain small amounts of sugar, that do affect your fast.

As such, a good plan of action is to stick to using the caplets or capsules, both while fasting, and outside your fasted window.

Final Words

Tylenol is a safe and effective medication for pain and fever relief, that can be used during a fast. However, certain forms of the medication (chewable and liquids) can break your fast as they contain sugar or calories.

As long as you stick to the capsule or caplets, you should be fine using Tylenol while fasting.

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