Does Metamucil Break A Fast?

Consuming Metamucil fiber will cause you to break your fast, regardless of which form you consume. It is sometimes believed that only the flavored varieties of the supplement will affect your fast, but absolutely any form will break your fast. Let’s check out why.

Are There Calories In Metamucil?

Yes, all Metamucil products contain calories. Many people are under the impression that if you consume the capsule form of psyllium husk fiber, you are able to “hack” the calories and get away with having it during the fast.

Metamucil breaks a fast

Not so fast. In that same vein, the majority of people also do not realize that fiber is actually classified as a carbohydrate and yields 4 calories per gram. But there’s more confusion still to come.

Why? Because even though it still yields calories, fiber isn’t ever “truly” absorbed, in the sense of offering nourishment in the form of calories for your body. Metamucil is a soluble fiber, so it forms a gel-like substance and is digested where it helps with regularity.

It is non-fermentable, meaning that it will not be broken down and used as fuel for probiotic bacteria.

Will Metamucil Spike Insulin?

Even though Metamucil fiber is technically a carbohydrate, it does not affect glucose and insulin the way typical carbs do. Since they are not really absorbed, fiber is unable to raise blood sugar. Psyllium Fiber actually does the opposite by creating a gel with water in the digestive tract, it slows the rate of glucose absorption.

This makes it great for assisting with blood glucose management.

Taken by itself, it will not spike insulin. However, the powdered variety or gummies do have added sugar for flavor and will affect your insulin level and blood glucose. This is important to keep in mind as some people do “cheat” their fast by taking flavored Metamucil.

Can You Use Metamucil To Help With Your Fast?

Absolutely. It just requires you to take it just prior to your fast starting. This way, the present glucose will not be rapidly absorbed, and you’ll have a higher chance of not having to eat or struggling with hunger for the remainder of your fasting period.

Can You Use Metamucil On Fasting Days?

Yes, you can. Metamucil is fine to take any time outside your fasting window, and in fact, it should be mandatory. This is because the majority of people do not meet the recommended daily intake of fiber, which is around 25-38 grams. Most people only consume around 15 grams/day.

Fiber is essential for a healthy gut, regularity, and weight loss. If you’re going to be fasting on a regular basis, you need to make sure you’re getting enough fiber to support your limited eating window (as there is less time available to get the necessary amount).

Bottom Line

Metamucil, and fiber as a whole, might sound a bit contradictory about whether or not it affects your fast. But if you’re confused about whether or not something breaks a fast, an excellent rule of thumb is if it stimulates the process of digestion, it’s probably going to break your fast.

Metamucil is no exception. It contains calories, will raise insulin if taken in flavored form and will stimulate the digestive process. All of these things work together to break a fast. So if you’re looking for a way to add some extra fiber into your diet or help with regularity, make sure you’re taking it outside your fasting window.

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