Does Flavored Coffee Break A Fast?

Flavored coffee may seem like a great beverage to mix things up from the boredom of plain black coffee but, in that same vein, it can cause your fast to fail. 

But not all flavored coffee is the same. Some varieties are made from flavored oil or extract that is added to the coffee beans before they are roasted. These are considered the lesser evil.

On the other hand, some flavored coffees are made with syrups or added sugars that are mixed in with the coffee after it is brewed. These are generally frowned upon by those who are fasting.

Let’s have a look at all we know about flavored coffee.

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Are There Calories In Flavored Coffee?

Yes there are. However, the calories per serving of flavored coffee (dairy and added sugar excluded) can vary significantly between brands and the quality of the finished product. While a cup of plain black coffee has about 3 calories, flavored coffee that has been made via the oil method may contain up to 5 calories.

Caramel coffee syrup

However, coffee that has been prepared via the addition of syrups or added sugars can have upwards of 60 calories per cup.

Therefore, if you are trying to maintain a calorie deficit while fasting, it is best to avoid flavored coffee altogether or stick to the oil-based varieties, because the sugar-heavy versions will not cut it.

Does Flavored Coffee Cause An Insulin Spike?

Again, this depends a lot on which type of flavored coffee you get. If we are talking about the oil roasted beans, the insulin spike experience will be quite low, almost as little as that experienced from plain black coffee.

Flavored coffee made from the addition of syrups or sugars will cause a greater spike in insulin levels as these added sweeteners are processed by the body very quickly.

This is not ideal when maintaining ketosis or losing weight in general, as spikes in insulin can encourage your body to store fat rather than burn it.

Will Flavored Coffee Stop Autophagy?

While plain coffee is unlikely to have a negative effect on autophagy in limited amounts, and is likely to help the process, in excess it can have the opposite effect. 

Breaking autophagy occurs much more rapidly with sugary foods and drinks, so if you are consuming a flavored coffee that contains added sugars, it is likely that autophagy will be halted much sooner.

Can I Have Flavored Coffee On Fasting Days?

You can have your flavored fix on fasting days. During the actual fast, the lowest calorie choice is the preferred option, which is plain coffee.

If you feel like you need something a little different, then have your flavored coffee either before breaking the fast or after you have eaten your first meal. This will allow you to avoid any unnecessary (and additional) insulin spikes that could hinder your weight loss goals or fasting goals.

Final Words

Flavored coffee is not necessarily a bad choice, but it is something that should be consumed in moderation, especially if you are trying to lose weight or follow a specific fasting protocol.

The best option is always going to be plain coffee, but if you need a little change-up, go for the oil-based flavored coffees rather than the ones made with syrups or added sugars. And always be mindful of the calorie content. If you are trying to maintain a calorie deficit, flavored coffee might not be the best choice.

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