Do Bouillon Cubes Break A Fast?

Consumption of bouillon cubes will break your fast, regardless of the flavor/variety you consume. They may be tasty, but they’re not ideal to be consumed around your fast.

Let’s check out all we know about bouillon cubes.

Are There Calories In Bouillon Cubes?

Yes, there are. Although many differences exist in the actual calorie count of these cubes; usually based on flavor varieties, but also manufacturer, none of them are calorie free.

Bouillon cubes nutritional facts

Calories can vary from 5 cal per teaspoon serving, up to 40 calories per large cube. Boullion cubes contain fats, protein, and carbohydrates in varying amounts, but usually contain fat in the largest proportion.

Will Bouillon Cubes Raise Blood Glucose Or Insulin Levels?

Bouillon cubes will raise your blood glucose levels, and since they do contain carbohydrates, it’s also likely that your insulin levels will be raised after consuming them, albeit not with a massive spike since overall carbs are relatively low.

This means that they may be unsuitable for most types of fasting, whether it be for weight loss or even insulin control, such as with diabetes. Overall, they may be keto approved but your fasting goals will help you determine if it’s wise to consume them.

Will Bouillon Cubes Affect Autophagy?

Yes, bouillon cubes will halt/diminish autophagy. This is because they are not calorie free, and do require digestion, which slows/halts an accelerated rate of autophagy.

For all intents and purposes, the cubes are just foods. They do not offer any special advantages upon consumption and will affect your fast the same way solid food would.

Can I Use Bouillon Cubes on Fasting Days?

You can use bouillon cubes on fasting days, and some people even go as far as consuming them during the actual fast – but this is not the best course of action.

About to put bouillon cube in soup

Depending on the extent of freedom your fasting program offers, the relatively low calorie yield when consumed in moderation might not be a serious issue.

The umami flavor profile of these cubes helps improve satiety when hunger strikes and would otherwise derail fasting completely.

Final Words

Bouillon cubes might have a role in low-calorie fasting, but if complete avoidance of all digestion or being devoid of calories is your goal, they are not the best fit.

Again, a lot depends on your reason for fasting. They do, however, contain a lot of artificial flavors and preservatives, which are not ideal when you are looking to promote holistic health. These additives are scarcely beneficial, and in the long run, might do more harm than good.

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