The Zercher Carry

What Does the Zercher Carry Do?

Some exercises have worthy but limited goals. Performing bicep curls will give you stronger arms and a more athletic looking physique. Calf raises lend some definition to your lower legs. However, neither of these has an amazing amount of carryover…

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Posterior Capsule Stretch

Posterior capsule stretch

Internal impingement is a relatively common cause of shoulder pain. It is also fairly prevalent in athletes who use a lot of overhead or throwing motions, especially under resistance. For instance, weightlifters who often perform overhead barbell presses, tennis players…

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Tricep Push Ups

Triceps Push Ups

Forget endless sets of push downs and dumbbell kick backs. Forget French presses and skull crushers. If you want to build up a set of strong, large, functionally useful triceps that work perfectly in concert with the other muscles of…

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High bar vs Low Bar Squat

High bar vs low bar squat

The squat is one of the best movements you can perform if you’re looking to improve athleticism, strengthen your full body and build muscle through your legs. All types of squat are to be celebrated. However, there are two distinct…

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