Does Black Tea Break A Fast?

Black tea is the ultimate alternative to water while fasting as it will not cause your fast to break. There are caveats, however, to this, such as if you are making it at home as opposed to store-bought versions which may contain additives.

Are There Calories In Black Tea?

Black tea brewed at home is usually devoid of all calories. However, as with all things that are not water, it would contain a minute amount of calories (there is no evidence of this, but quite possible). This means that in excess, it will add to your caloric load.

So, while a cup or two will have no effect on your fast, do not make it your sole beverage as you will inevitably get knocked out.

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Will Black Tea Raise Blood Glucose Or Insulin Levels?

Although the calories in the tea are virtually zero, you might be surprised to hear that in excess (in the short term) it will cause blood glucose to increase. This is referring to fasting blood sugar, which over the course of 4 weeks showed a loss of control.

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If you are diabetic, you can see how this would have a big impact on your health. However, for those who are not diabetic, the rise in blood glucose is usually short-lived and does not cause any significant damage.

On the flip side, long-term, chronic consumption of caffeine can improve insulin sensitivity and lead to better glucose control. It isn’t fully known why this happens, unfortunately.

Be sure that the black tea you are drinking is not sweetened in the least, as is a common practice in many store-bought varieties. If they are, you will certainly ruin your fast, not to mention initiate a massive blood sugar and insulin spike that will defeat all your goals.

Will Black Tea Affect Autophagy?

You will be happy to hear that black tea will help along the process of autophagy. This is again, thanks to the caffeine content.

Thus, you can safely get away with a cup or two of black tea during your fast. If you consume decaffeinated varieties, you won’t be negatively affected either- you just miss out on a potential boost.

Can I Drink Black Tea on Fasting Days?

Yes. As we have established,  black tea will not break your fast. It can, however, provide some benefits that may help you through your fasting journey, particularly with regards to autophagy and even enhancing lipolysis for greater fat utilisation.

You can also take a cup or two during non-fasting hours as this is an acceptable practice that won’t significantly affect your macros.

Final Words

To summarize, black tea will not break your fast, but it is important to be mindful of the calorie content if you are trying to lose weight. This is especially true when buying store versions that may not be truly calorie-free. It is always best to brew your own for this reason.

Additionally, black tea can enhance autophagy and help with fat burning. Finally, it is perfectly fine to drink black tea during fasting hours or non-fasting hours, so feel free to have multiple cups per day.

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