The Science Based Six Pack

science based six pack

Six packs are highly sought after. For many of us, having washboard abs are the holy grail of what it is to be ‘in-shape’ and to look aesthetically pleasing: to many, they are the physical manifestation of athleticism. However, there…

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Sit-ups vs Crunches

Situps vs crunches feature

For many, six-pack abs are the holy grail of physique training. Top athletes and celebrities often show off their toned midriffs to rapturous adulation, and there’s nothing like a taut stomach to give you confidence on the beach. However, for…

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Bodybuilding Versus Powerlifting

bodybuilders vs powerlifters feature

It’s the age-old question you’ve heard asked hundreds (or even thousands) of times before; which one is better, bodybuilding or powerlifting? Is there a clear and definitive winner out of the two? In this article, we will attempt to put…

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Static vs Dynamic Stretching

static vs dynamic stretching feature

It is always important to stretch around and after exercise. There are a variety of reasons that it is good for you: most importantly, it will improve your flexibility and aid in muscular recovery. However, many people overlook it, and…

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Benefits of Calisthenics

benefits of calisthenics feature

Calisthenics training is arguably one of the pre-eminent systems we have access to. Developed piecemeal over the course of thousands of years, stretching back in time to find practitioners in the ancient world, it is as relevant today as it…

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